Safari for Windows - An entirely text free experience

Apple has today announced the release of a beta version of Safari 3 for Windows.

Without wasting anytime I eagerly downloaded the new browser and installed it. Upon launching Safari for the first time, the page that loaded on start-up (from Apple's own website) was completely devoid of any text. But that was not all, scanning around the screen I realised the entire user interface was also missing text as well! No problem I thought, probably needs a restart, maybe even a re-install, but after carrying out both the results were still the same.

Searching around the internet it seems that there is a considerable number of Windows users also reporting similar issues with Safari. So it would seem that Apple have scored a rather embarassing own goal. I appreciate this is a beta version but by beta the general expectation is an application that can actually be used, perhaps it would be better described as an alpha version for the moment at least.

I'm looking forward to the release version as it will make testing websites in Safari much easier for Windows based web designers and web developers, which can only be a good thing. That's assuming the rendering engine is consistent between the Windows and OS X versions. Looking at the application start-up times and page load times it should give the likes of IE7 and Firefox a run for their money.

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