Where are the Joneses?

"Where are the Joneses?" is a new interactive sitcom from Steve Coogan's Baby Cow productions.

Where this sitcom differs from those before it is that each new episode is released onto YouTube and the shows fans are able to keep in touch with the goings on via social networking sites including MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, various blogs updated by the shows cast and even Twitter.

The plot is based around the adventures of Dawn Jones, who has just found out that her dad is not her real dad and that she is in actual fact the offspring of a sperm donor! As you do she sets off on a journey around Europe to find her 26 brothers and sisters.

The best (or maybe worst) thing about the show is that fans are able to add, edit and comment on the scripts before the show is made through the Where are the Joneses Wiki. So it allows fans to have an impact on not only the script but also the course of events, by making edits or raising new ideas such as storylines and characters.

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