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Turn unknown website visitors into business leads using Wanapi.

A new service, which is currently free of charge, called Wanapi provides a facility for business to business websites to identify companies that have visited their website via IP tracking and then use the data to follow up on those visits. This isn't a new service, there are already numerous companies offering the same data, but the fact that it's being offered for free certainly is.

As to whether following up on such "leads" is good or bad practice is a matter of opinion but it can't be denied that there are lots of businesses that will certainly be hungry for the data. Wanapi does a great job of informing businesses which companies are visiting their website and providing details as to the search engine keyword used, the visit duration and the pages viewed.

Unlike similar services Wanapi works by integrating with your website's Google Analytics account rather than requiring the installation of additional tracking code into your site. This is definitely one of its strengths as it's possible to see normal Google Analytics data matched with the company details of visitors which is very useful to identify leads that are worth following up.

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