Josh's first week

Our newest member of the team, Junior Front-end Developer Josh, shares his experience of his first week at Enovate.

It was early on in my third year of university when I started looking for a web design agency to join and further develop my skills. I was browsing local web design agencies when I stumbled across a job advertisement for a ‘Junior Front-end Web Developer’ at Enovate. Curiously, I extended my browsing to their website and it was obvious that they shared the same passion and enthusiasm for web design and development as I do. An interview and a team meeting later, much to my excitement an offer was extended to me.

My first week as a Front-end Web Developer

My starting date was 12th June 2018. After finishing university two weeks prior, I thought I would be looking forward to having a break, but I found myself more excited to start work, which probably seems unusual to most.

On my first day everyone was very warm and welcoming. A plan was drawn up to help me transition into the company which was very helpful. Throughout the day I spoke to every member of the team, listening to their role within the company and getting advice from each one of them. For lunch, the team took me out to a restaurant which was very kind and a great way to get to know one another.

At the start of the week, once I was introduced to each team member I was also introduced to the technology the company uses and how they are implemented into the workflow. Coming from university, the company workflow was of great interest to me as I was keen to know how web development projects are completed on a larger scale in a team environment.

After familiarising myself with the company workflow, which I must admit it took a while to get used to, I was introduced to a project and got the opportunity to start working on it. Towards the end of the week I was creating responsive static templates using Bootstrap 4 from the designs passed along by Dan. Throughout the process I was getting advice on how to improve my work from Jamie, to make me work more efficiently and produce better code.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first week and I am looking forward to further develop my knowledge in front-end web development and to continue enjoying my time here.

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