Matt's First Week

Our newest member of the team, Junior Laravel/PHP Developer Matt, shares his experience of his first week at Enovate.

As my time at University came to a close, I was pretty determined to get straight into the web development industry whilst it all remained fresh in my mind. I began searching for a few roles around Essex and London, whereby I came across Enovate advertising for a Junior Laravel/PHP Developer. I had developed a number of sites previously using PHP and so applied for the position. I was invited for an interview with Michael and the backend team, resulting in the position being offered to me as to which I quite happily accepted.

My first week as a Laravel/PHP Developer

My starting date was 12th June 2019, but I had been in the office on a few occasions prior to starting; learning the workflow and getting my PC setup. It's no secret that in a junior role there’s plenty of learning to do and so I spent a few days looking at the frameworks being used, trying them out and getting familiar with the development environment. Whilst Laravel did take me a few days to understand, I can really see its benefits over core PHP.

The social culture at Enovate is really good, upon me starting we were all taken out to lunch and it was nice spending some time out of work with everyone.

Quite quickly I was assigned a project; allowing me to apply what I had picked up. The team were on hand to help whenever needed, with Lee spending particular time in showing me how to optimise and improve my code. Towards the tail end of the week I was able to spend some time working with code management tools, learning how to raise and resolve issues in code and push my changes into the projects.

I have really enjoyed my time at Enovate so far, I’ve learnt a lot in a very short amount of time, and look forward to continuing to develop my skills and knowledge.

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