Reflecting on 9 years at Enovate

Our Lead Front-end Developer, Jamie, reflects back on 9 years of working at Enovate, as he leaves the company for a new role.

I started working at Enovate in 2012; 18 years of age, fresh out of my Website Design & Development apprenticeship, and hungry for a glimpse into the working world.

I was the third full time member of staff at the company when I joined, so straight away I was put into the deep end and got some fantastic hands-on experience with our existing clients, as well as working on designs and building websites for our new clients.

When I first joined Enovate our stack involved MODx, Inuit CSS, and Compass, however over the 9 years that followed, and as a I focused my attention more towards the Front-end Development aspect of projects, our stack moved to Craft CMS, Laravel, Tailwind, Webpack, GraphQL, and Next.js.

Enovate now stands as a strong team of 8, with staff from all backgrounds and experiences working together to meet the needs of their clients. I am proud to have been working at Enovate for so long, and I am proud to have been involved with laying the foundations and being a part of the team that made Enovate what it is today.

9 years is an incredibly long time for someone of my age to work for a company, especially in this industry. My many years of service is testament to the amazing team Enovate have here, and I have enjoyed working with them all.

It was very hard saying goodbye to a company that taught me so much, but I wish the company and whole team every success in the future.

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