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IE8 Beta 1

It has come as quite a surprise to learn that Microsoft has released a first beta version of IE8.

Michael Walsh by Michael Walsh

IE8 Version Targeting Update

Microsoft has announced that they have listened and acted upon feedback received from the web design community with regards to their proposed version targeting in IE8.

Michael Walsh by Michael Walsh

IE8 Version Targeting

There's definitely a sizeable buzz in the web design community at the moment sparked by the latest news from the IE team regarding their new version targeting that will be built into IE8.

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Offline web applications with Firefox 3

Robert O'Callahan, a New Zealand based developer of the Mozilla/FireFox rendering engine, has spoken about how Firefox 3 will deliver support for offline applications.

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Web browsers are the software applications we use to navigate and consume information resources on the World Wide Web, the first web browser was invented in 1990 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. An information resource on the web exists at an address called a URL or Uniform Resource Locator and might be a web page, image, video or other piece of content. The most popular web browsers by market share are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera.