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Licklibrary provide online guitar tutorials for subscribers and an online store for guitar enthusiasts and have been successfully doing so since 1998. In that time their existing website had grown and evolved to such an extent that it was beginning to strain at the seams and so the team at Licklibrary began looking for a suitable agency to partner with that could deliver the next version of the Licklibrary story.

They approached us with a requirement to completely redesign and redevelop the entire online platform, no small undertaking given the scope of the project encompasses streaming video on demand, e-commerce, membership subscriptions, online payments, reporting, SEO and so much more.

We were excited by the prospect of such a large, challenging but potentially hugely rewarding project and we were delighted when we got to the call to say we'd won the business.

What we did

What we did

Being a project of such scale we decided that an agile approach was best as it allowed us to rapidly build, review and iterate every part of the site. This way, we could quickly demo prototypes to the client and gather feedback enabling us to make changes and move forward with everyone's input incorporated.

The Licklibrary team were keen to be involved as much as possible in the whole process and the lessons they'd learnt from their previous site as well as a deep knowledge of their customer base and of guitarists in general brought some rich insights to the project and undoubtedly helped to shape the new site.

A huge amount of work went into this project so I'll try to draw out some of the highlights... in terms of look and feel we created a brand new design from scratch which involved the development of roughly 50 unique page templates; we're using Akamai and JWPlayer to handle the streaming video on demand; the site itself is built on the Laravel framework and the e-commerce store was developed specifically for the unique needs of this project; we architected and maintain the hosting infrastructure at AWS; subscriptions are managed by a custom admin panel with monthly payments processed via Stripe, PayPal and Verifone.

The project certainly had its complexities and challenges but I'm pleased to say these were overcome and we're incredibly proud of the finished website.