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Essex Cares Limited (ECL) provides services that support older people, adults with learning disabilities, adults receiving reablement services and people with sensory impairment in Essex and West Sussex, helping thousands of people with living safely in their own home and local communities.

We submitted a response to the tender and after meeting the project team at ECL we were delighted to be awarded the contract.

Initially, we discussed the project ECL to get a better understanding of their intentions with the re-build, discussing what goals and objectives they wanted to meet. We drew up the statement of work; a document detailing the entire project, including hosting, Search Engine Optimisation, project management and other important factors needed to create the desired design and website.

ECL, being a company that support thousands of individuals, wanted to promote their helpful services on an online platform and they felt having a responsive and modern site will help more potential customers reach their site, gaining a higher volume of traffic. ECL also required a custom contact page, which allows visitors to find the exact information they need to resolve their query quickly rather than just supplying a single, generic email address or telephone number.

The website was also going to be managed by team members at ECL, including adding content, which led to our team giving a variety of team members (approximately 30 users) a training session on how to navigate around the much loved content management system Craft CMS, with some having restricted permissions, which Craft CMS accommodates for.

What we did

What we did

The project began with a period of research and discovery, where both us and the client worked together on the wireframes and design of the project, planning the layout, positioning, colour schemes and fonts the content will be in. This allows the process to be as smooth as possible with no panics at the end.

Multiple versions of the major pages and content elements within the site were iterated back and forth between ourselves and ECL until all designs had been approved, to which then the developers to begin work.

The developers updated the client on the development site, closely collaborating whilst being given feedback when following our progress. This was a positive working environment as both sides could see the website beginning to take shape; an exciting experience to watch.

Enovate made sure to adjust and amend any of the clients needs until we gained approval and were both happy with how the updated website was looking. It was a pleasure comparing the old Essex Cares Limited website to the newly designed site, seeing the differences and becoming exciting to see them have potential enquiry outcomes. The site was tested right up until the grand launch date, to rectify any known issues or bugs with the site, making sure the site is as ready as possible for launch.

The launch process went smoothly and phase two is already in the works to further develop the site for better user interaction and experience for all visitors who are welcomed on to the site.

We cannot wait to keep working alongside ECL and continue to help their business grow stronger than it already is. Why not take a look at the site we created and if you're thinking about a similar website project feel free to drop us a message.

Dan and Michael pitched to ECL as part of our tender process to bring on board a website supplier for our new website. We initially thought that we wanted a website built using Wordpress but after meeting Enovate and learning about Craft CMS, we decided that they, along with the Craft CMS platform would be a good fit for our team and brand. I have been impressed with their website development and Google knowledge/skills alongside their competitive business rates – always coming up with robust solutions to our requirements, combating many challenges that have been thrown their way. The website performs well on Google, looks and functions how we want it to and Craft makes it very easy to manage website content ourselves.

Thoroughly enjoyable and easy experience working with Enovate.

Marketing & Communications Executive, Essex Cares Ltd (ECL)