Montrose Bathroom Furniture

Montrose Bathroom Furniture

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Montrose Bathroom Furniture have been designing and manufacturing hand-built bathroom furniture for more than 20 years. Based at their design and fabrication facility in Basildon, Essex we've been working as their digital partner since 2011.

The existing Montrose website, that we designed and developed, had reached a point where the CMS it ran on, MODx, and the functionality it provided didn't match the needs of the business and so we pitched the idea of redesigning and redeveloping the site with Craft CMS.

Following a detailed project proposal and a demo of Craft CMS the team at Montrose were convinced it was the right move for them and so we got underway with the task of building a new site, one of our first to use Craft CMS 3.

What we did

What we did

As an existing client we already had a firm understanding of what was required of the new site, number one on the list being the switch to Craft CMS to vastly improve the content management experience for editors, but there's always value in working through the discovery process to ensure we're properly aligned with the business as it stands now.

Following that we embarked on the design process, which was real pleasure given the quality of the products manufactured by Montrose and the vast number of high resolution product images they had available for us to use. The overall design is fairly minimal which puts the products centre stage and displays them in the best light possible.

The project build process took the best parts of the existing site: the dealer locator, brochure download, dealer application, finishes selector and redeveloped them using the latest techniques and best practices.

The resulting site is not only stunning to look at and easy for customers and dealers to use but is built on Craft CMS making it super-easy to edit and update as well as being robust enough to incorporate any changes and enhancements Montrose might want to make in future.

Take a look at the finished site and if you're considering a similar web design and development project please get in touch.