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The marketing team at Woodford Medical approached us with a requirement for a new website to replace their existing website that lacked a usable content management system making updating the site a chore, wasn't responsive making it very hard to use on smartphones and tablets and had a design that didn't reflect the business well or make use of modern web design techniques.

We visited the Woodford Medical offices at their clinic in Danbury to spend time with the team, gathering an understanding of the issues with the current website, so that the same mistakes weren't repeated, and listening to the day-to-day issues faced by the marketing team when creating new website content so that we could design and deliver the necessary technical solutions in the new website.

What we did

What we did

With research and knowledge gathered we began the design process, creating artwork for the main pages within the website and sharing these designs with the client to gather their feedback and ideas. The designs evolve until the client is happy to sign them off and which point they are passed over to the front-end and back-end developers to begin turning them into working web pages.

As the development work progresses we provide a link to a secure, development site so that the client can monitor our progress and watch as their designs are brought to life in the browser. The development site can also be reviewed on smaller devices to see how the site responds and changes when viewed on smaller screens.

The most exciting technical aspect of this project was the development of a bespoke clinic finder that allows visitors see their nearest clinic - based on location detection - and discover their nearest clinics that provide the treatments they are interested in.

Once all the development work is complete we ask the client to formally review and sign-off the development site so that we can carry out a final round of testing and bug fixing before preparing the site for launch.

The completed site was launched successfully and has been very well received by both the client and their customers and we continue to add to and enhance the site to meet the needs of an evolving business in a competitive field.