Why MODX was our preferred CMS (until we found Craft CMS)

MODX was our preferred content management system from 2007-2013, until we discovered Craft CMS.

Please note: This article was written in March 2013 and originally titled "Why MODX is our preferred CMS", later that same year we discovered Craft CMS, which is now our preferred CMS.

We first started working with MODX in 2007 and since then its firmly been our content management system (CMS) of choice for new projects. That's not to say we haven't used others, we're experienced with Wordpress, SilverStripe, Drupal, Umbraco and Magento but MODX always seems to have the advantage in our eyes.

MODX Creative Freedom

This is now MODX's main strap line of late and it's one of the main reasons I fell in love with the CMS at the start. MODX gives us total control of the HTML mark-up so we can build websites exactly how we want to and that freedom has filtered down through the entire ecosystem with third party add-ons built with the same philosophy.

Web Developer and Web Designer Ease-of-Use

When I first started using MODX I didn't have to spend time wading through manuals or documentation, I literally just started building a website. I was amazed at how straightforward MODX was and its snippets, chunks and templates still to this day strike me as being the most versatile and logical way of building a website in a CMS. Other CMSs could do a lot worse than take a look at MODX's lead on this.

Web Development Speed

I'm yet to find another CMS that we can build a website in quicker, again this is probably credit to the building blocks MODX provides in terms of snippets, chunks and templates. MODX allows us to build client sites very quickly and thanks to our own internal framework site which we duplicate to kick-off client projects we're up and running very quickly.

Client Ease-of-Use

The feedback from clients is always excellent, compared to other CMSs they have used. MODX excels in terms of ease-of-use and by utilising template variables and better still custom manager pages (which provide a completely custom editor interface) we're not having to bend a tool to fit but rather crafting the perfect tool for the job. The main benefit this provides is ease-of-use as the interface has been purpose built for the task, without a single compromise.

MODX Community

The MODX community is one of the best around, there's a large and growing number of add-ons for MODX and the core developers do a sterling job of continually developing MODX and adding new features.

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