Go Communications goes live

Go Communications provide refurbished Cisco kit finished to exceptional standards, rigorously tested, immaculately packaged and backed by the best customer service you'll find anywhere.

If you're looking for new or refurbished Cisco hardware you can be confident Go Communications will deliver the quality parts you need to keep your IT network going on time, on budget, anywhere in the world.

We have worked with Go Communications since 2008 and this new version of their website is the third redesign we have delivered for them and we are proud to have been in partnership for so long.

As well as bringing a new design to the site, another goal of the re-design project was to give our clients the ability to make almost all of the content updates themselves. To achieve this we have built the site using Craft CMS, which was recently awarded the Best CMS for Developers at the 2016 CMS Critics People’s Choice Awards!

We have re-built all of the bespoke contact forms around the site, and coupled with Craft CMS, Go Communications have an effective and easy-to-use system to manage their website content.

Another notable development with this project is the move to secure all our future and as many current projects as possible with SSL certificates. Initiatives from Let's Encrypt, Amazon Web Services and CloudFlare that offer free SSL certificates means there's no reason why all websites shouldn't be served over HTTPS and secured with SSL in 2016.

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From our client:

"First impressions are everything. Thanks to Enovate Design, our customers get a great first impression of what we do after visiting the website. Best of all, our site is easy to manage, leaving us free to focus our energies and time on servicing our customers. Using Enovate Design is one of the best business decisions we have made so far."

Managing Director, Go Communications

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