The Linnean Society of London Redevelopment goes live

The Linnean Society of London maintains the majority of Carl Linnaeus' plant and animal research collections, as well as his personal library, all stored under optimum conservation conditions.

The Linnean Society approached Enovate with a bit of a problem. Their design agency was closing down and their website was going to follow suit. They also had issues with the content editing abilities of their website and wanted a new product that allowed any number of editors to manage all of the site’s content.

Allowing our clients to easily edit their website content is something we work towards for every project we build. For over 2 years our sites have been built using Craft CMS, which was recently awarded the Best CMS for Developers at the 2016 CMS Critics People’s Choice Awards.

The new site follows the same design as their previous website, but has been re-built from the ground up to utilise all the latest technologies and services that come as standard with all of our website projects. The site is also fully responsive, offering optimised experiences for mobile, tablet and desktop users.

We also understood time was of the essence with this project, so from start to finish we had a fully re-developed and tested site live within 5 weeks.

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From our client:

Working with you has been a pleasure. Learning how to use Craft CMS has been very exciting and being able to revamp the whole website quite a joyful challenge. I couldn't have asked for a better result! It was quite an adventure to start the new website! I learned a lot thanks to your help and guidance. I was very fortunate to work with you, you've always been very helpful and patient with all my weird and constant requests. I think we have created a wonderful website. I hope that your company keeps thriving!

Events and Communications Manager, The Linnean Society of London

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