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The Linnean Society of London

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Founded in 1788, The Linnean Society of London maintains the majority of Carl Linnaeus' plant and animal research collections, as well as his personal library, all stored under optimum conservation conditions. These unique collections are of continuing fundamental importance as a primary reference for taxonomy.

The Linnean Society approached Enovate with a bit of a dilemma. Their existing web design agency was closing down and their website was going to go with them unless a rapid solution was found. They were also unhappy with the content editing abilities of their website and wanted a new system that allowed multiple editors to manage all of the site’s content quickly and with ease.

What we did

What we did

We started by transferring the Society's existing static website onto our own hosting environment at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and then began work on emulating their current site's design and recreating and adding to the functionality available to both site visitors and site administrators. This involved developing a range of content templates within Craft CMS and populating each and every page with content.

Alongside the static content sits a members' area for the Society's Fellows, from students to noted figures in the world of nature, enabling them to login and view exclusive content and additional functionality including an events area, a means of renewing their membership fees and a fully-featured account management system that holds the Fellows' details.

We also developed a Linnean Shop area, built on Craft Commerce, that allows the Society to sell books, journals and other related merchandise. Craft Commerce allows the site administrators to easily add and remove products, manage stock levels, set shipping and tax costs and everything else you'd expect to see in a modern eCommerce tool.

The first incarnation of the site was developed and launched in under five weeks and since then it has continued to evolve and expand as new content and features are added. The site has become a huge asset to the Society as they move traditionally offline processes online to streamline and reduce the amount of work involved in maintaining a modern organisation.

Working with you has been a pleasure. Learning how to use Craft CMS has been very exciting and being able to revamp the whole website quite a joyful challenge. I couldn't have asked for a better result! It was quite an adventure to start the new website! I learned a lot thanks to your help and guidance. I was very fortunate to work with you, you've always been very helpful and patient with all my weird and constant requests. I think we have created a wonderful website. I hope that your company keeps thriving!

Events and Communications Manager, The Linnean Society of London