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​DABD have a mission to make sure everyone has equal access to opportunities, be it work, benefits, training, transport or social activities to help them live an independent life.

In addition DABD want to break down the traditional barriers that can prevent people from living the life they would choose and encourage them to be as independent as they want to be.

DABD appointed Enovate to redesign their website as the existing website was over 5 years old, so was looking rather tired and dated and was not correctly representing where the organisation saw itself in 2017.  More recently the DABD had completed a rebranding, which was not reflected on the website either and with the award of a grant the time had come to give the website the care and attention it rightly deserved.

The new website, launched today, encourages visitors to use the services DABD offer such as; help getting around, finding a job, and managing finances.  The website also aims to broaden the awareness of the organisation as a whole and encourage partners to work with and support the organisation whilst presenting DABD as both friendly and professional.

During the information architecture phase the website content was streamlined to enable users to more quickly reach relevant content. DABD are keen to continue growing the website’s content with more client stories and feedback so that visitors can see how their work is making a real difference.

The website is responsive so the page design and layout adapts to suit the user’s device viewport dimensions, therefore providing an equally good experience across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.  The website is built in accordance with the latest accessibility guidelines.

The redesign also added a news section for DABD to keep the website fresh and up-to-date.  Lastly we integrated Tawk.to into the website so visitors can initiate a live chat with staff at DABD, providing another method for visitors to get in touch.

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