Van Vynck Craft CMS re-build goes live

Van Vynck Environmental have been providing pest control and bird control services throughout London and the Southeast for over 25 years.

Enovate first began working with Van Vynck over twelve years ago and in that time we have designed, developed and hosted three versions of their corporate website.

This latest version of the site is the first to use Craft CMS. The reason for switching from MODx to Craft was for two main reasons: the need for an improved editing experience for Van Vynck’s content authors and a desire to boost their search engine rank by totally replacing the underlying code with search engine friendly code. After discussing all the benefits to Van Vynck, they were more than keen to relaunch their site using Craft CMS.

Van Vynck were, for the most part, happy with the site’s original design, the only exception being the homepage, which was redesigned and redeveloped to include a carousel and to better display the key information and calls to action. Working closely with the client and communicating regularly helped keep the project on track and ensure expectations were met.

Following the completion of the development work we handled client training, teaching the content editors how to use Craft CMS, and then we worked through an automated content import process, bringing all the text and images from the old site into the new.

After adding the final touches and addressing any bugs that came up in testing, the client was happy with the finished site and we were proud to deliver a fast website that is easy to navigate and runs smoothly on any device.

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