Website Migration & Onboarding

During a website migration and onboarding project there are a number of steps that we will work with you to complete.

The "onboarding" covers the time for us to review and get up to speed with the architecture and structure of your website along with making whatever changes are required in order for the website to run on our load-balanced hosting infrastructure.

Typically, this involves moving any CMS uploads to shared/cloud storage and serving them via a content delivery network (CDN) and installing and configuring a caching plugin, all of which will provide a boost in the download speed of your website, which benefits the user experience.

Additionally, we will update the underlying CMS and any plugins the website contains, we would also issue an SSL certificate and serve the website securely over HTTPS.

The "migration" then covers the seamless transfer of your website visitors from your current hosting infrastructure over to ours at a convenient time when the site is at its quietest.