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The Wonderhood Studios project was a collaboration between Enovate, handling the Craft CMS development work, hosting and ongoing support and maintenance, and IYA Studio, taking responsibility for the front-end design and client liaison.

The brief required the design, development, hosting and maintenance of a new website that better reflected the three studios under the main Wonderhood Studios umbrella and had an easy to use CMS behind it so that busy staff members could update the site with minimal fuss.

Wonderhood Studios had recently undertaken a brand refresh, resulting in an updated logo and colour palate with each studio having its own colour coding so this was an important factor for consideration during the design and build process.

What we did

What we did

We worked alongside IYA Studio and Wonderhood Studios during the design phase, attending weekly meetings and adding our comments and insight where any design decisions had a potential impact on the development work to come. Once the designs had all been fine-tuned and approved by the client we could proceed with the website development and organising the web hosting set-up at AWS.

During the build phase we continued the weekly meetings between stakeholders to gather feedback as we worked and to provide updates on our overall progress as we headed towards the deadline. As with any of our projects, we paid particular attention to performance, SEO, mobile device optimisation and security during the development process and worked hard to ensure we were hitting top scores across the board from our testing tools.

The finished site not only looks stunning, it's easy to navigate and easy to update as well as achieving the highest metrics "under-the-hood". The client is delighted with the finished product and we couldn't be happier with the project went. We're looking forward to seeing how the site evolves in the years to come and we're proud to be a part of that ongoing process.