Licklibrary goes live

Introducing the brand new web application we designed, built and host for our client, Licklibrary, providing online streaming video and e-commerce to guitarists (rockin') all over the world!

Today, after almost two years of design and development work, one of our largest web application projects to-date went live.

The launch had been well planned and we were underway as early as possible to handle any snags that can (and often do!) crop up during a deployment but it actually went quite smoothly and by lunchtime the site was receiving its first visits from the public and existing members.

We couldn't be happier with the way the new app has turned out and I know the team at Licklibrary are all happy with it too, especially as they've seen an increase in traffic, member signups and sales from the online store. Not to mention the positive feedback from staff and users alike.

We're already underway planning the next phases of the application's development and are looking forward to working with the LIcklibrary team, building on the work we've done to make the platform even more successful.

Take a look at the new web application we designed, developed and host for Licklibrary and if you're considering a similar project feel free to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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