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The Joseph Gallagher Group is a combination of specialist civil engineering and construction companies brought together by Group Chairman and founder – Joseph (Josie) Gallagher.

We were approached by the Group's marketing and communications manager and asked to submit a proposal for the redesign and redevelopment of their existing website, which was in need of a design refresh as well as a new and easier to use content management system to make the content editing and updating process much smoother.

We were delighted when we received the news that our proposal had been accepted and set about getting underway with our next Craft CMS design and development project.

What we did

What we did

The website design process began by first understanding the lessons learnt from the existing website and what was required for the new Group website. We then carried out a wireframing process that fed into the designs for all of the key page templates in use throughout the site.

We aimed to deliver an engaging, editorial feel to the overall user experience and we achieved that by creating custom listing page layouts with a variety of content block sizes and shapes and making use of the excellent stock images supplied to us by the client.

Particular effort was placed on the Projects and Services sections, as these are the areas of the site that really highlight what the Group can do along with real-world examples of how they have delivered their services around the globe.

The site is built on the easy-to-use Craft CMS content management system and has proven to be a breath of fresh air for the marketing team as well as being easy for our developers to customise to suit the client's unique requirements.

We're really pleased with the site we built, host and support for the Joseph Gallagher Group and we look forward to adding additional features and enhancements to it in the years ahead.

I’m really proud of our new website and think it looks great! The board are really pleased too and we look forward to evolving the site and copy to ensure it stays current. We love the video footage on the homepage, it really helps visitors capture what we do as a tunnelling contractor.

Group Marketing & Communications Manager, Joseph Gallagher Group Ltd