South Essex Plan

South Essex Plan

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92 out of 100.


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87 out of 100.

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The South Essex 2050 plan is backed by seven local authorities from across Essex and this project was lead by the team at Southend Borough Council.

We were commissioned to design, develop and host a new content managed website with two main aims: firstly, to describe the plan and engage with citizens across Essex and secondly, direct visitors to the online consultation platform.

The site had to be easy to maintain and update so required an easy-to-use content management system and it had to be relatively brand neutral in appearance because of the number of stakeholders involved.

What we did

What we did

The finished site is built on Craft CMS and is hosted within our server architecture at AWS. The design process was a little complicated in that we started out without any branding or logo, these were scheduled to become available after we'd got underway but by using muted, neutral colours we were able to integrate the South Essex 2050 logo with very little difficulty.

The site scores incredibly well across the board when it comes to performance metrics - see the benchmark figures above - something we work very hard to achieve on all our projects.

Overall the site has been a success - it performs well in the search engines and has given the various boroughs involved a focal point to share with their citizens and lead them towards commenting on the public consultation.