Domain Name Registration

We generally encourage our clients to register their domain names themselves so they are the legal registrant and are set-up to handle future renewals.

If you need assistance or are unsure of which domains to register please get in touch and we'll guide you through the process or register your chosen domains on your behalf.

Nowadays, there's a vast array of possible domain names to choose from, ranging from the usual .com and domains through to the newer .uk and .london domains. It's sensible to review all the possible domain extensions in case there's one that is particularly suited to your business or organisation, for example .agency, .cloud, .security and .events to name a few.

If your ambitions reach further afield it's also prudent to review geographic domain extensions and register domains in your target markets, for example .de, .fr and .es even if you don't anticipate a fully translated and localised website from the outset.