Competitor Analysis

We will create an extensive report on the competitor landscape in your particular industry, identifying what it is that your competitors are doing right and what they're doing wrong and how you can get to the head of the pack.

We'll dig deep into, not only their websites but also, their overall internet strategy encompassing everything from the aesthetics of their sites to their internet marketing strategy and even their back-end business processes so the process is a mix of gathering data from our suite of testing tools and carrying out a person-led review of your competitor's online profiles.

Some of the potential benefits of a competitor analysis report include:

  • Identifying areas in which you can improve your own website or internet strategy.
  • Identifying new business opportunities that are not being maximised.
  • Identifying examples of good practice by your competitors.
  • Identifying your advantages over your competitors and determining how best to maximise them.
  • Identifying any technical faults or issues you may not have been aware of.

We strongly recommend clients take advantage of a competitor analysis report at the start of a new website project as it is an invaluable part of the discovery process which ensures your new website is a leader among the competition from launch.