Pay-Per-Click Management

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is an instant way to provide a new stream of high quality traffic to your website. PPC accounts can be set-up and working in a single day and are an essential part of any online marketing campaign.

Although PPC accounts can be set-up very quickly it often pays to perform some detailed keyword research beforehand to ensure the correct terms are being targeted (and your budget is being spent wisely), create custom landing pages for visitors arriving from your PPC campaigns, set-up conversion tracking and perform a general conversion optimisation review of the entire website.

We can set-up, optimise and manage your PPC accounts on your behalf. We have years of PPC management experience and will be able to maximise your PPC campaign's return on investment quickly and efficiently. We can even reduce your PPC costs and CPC's (cost-per-click) whilst increasing your CTR's (click-through rates) by targeting your market and customers more effectively.

As Google Partners, we have direct access to invaluable expertise and insight from staff at Google that translates into the improved performance of your campaigns and more efficient use of your budget.

Once your campaigns have gone live we continue to work with you to monitor and improve their effectiveness over time. Responding to a vast array of performance metrics ranging from more subtle factors such as user engagement right through to conversions such as a form submission, sign-up or order.